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Cafe/Dining LAGUNAについて

Cafe/Dining LAGUNA is a cafe dining newly opened on September 1, 2020 in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

"Good-quality adult time"

Once you enter the store, you will be freed from the rush of everyday life, and you can forget about time and enjoy the resort-like scenery, romantic music and delicious Mediterranean food.

Enjoy Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and resort-style cafe menu in the pool view private room or private room by the pool.

​* For the time being, reservations will not be accepted.


Cafe/Dining LAGUNA has a selection of rare organic wines that are carefully selected and handmade by farmers from all over Europe.
Enjoy authentic wines that make wine connoisseurs like no other.

I'm sure you can find your favorite wine.


Experienced chefs who are passionate about making customers happy, mainly Mediterranean veteran chefs who have accumulated experience at multiple popular restaurants for over 20 years, serve Mediterranean and Southern cuisine. You can enjoy with wine.

2020-08-09 19.20.54.jpg

In order to make our customers feel at home, we have designed a courtyard garden on the west coast or tropical islands that creates an elegant time and a resort space with an appreciation pool.

Please enjoy quality adult time.

"Good-quality adult time"

The concept is that children under elementary school age are not allowed to enter the store.

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