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Cafe/Dining LAGUNA


Job Information

​Main work content

We have a total of 105 days off and 8 days off a month so you can work freely

⬜ Training
You will be in charge of all the cooking work of cafe dining with a resort feeling. Make the most of your experience in our new, fully equipped kitchen.
⬜ Hall customer service
You will be in charge of general cafe dining halls, receptions, cashiers, etc. with a resort feeling that has never existed before. We look forward to your success in a spacious and spacious store.

Qualification requirements

□ Training Regular employees
・Person who has cooking experience in Italian food, Spanish food, cafe restaurant, etc.
(Persons with more than 5 years experience will be given preferential treatment)
*No inexperienced person
・Those who want to demonstrate their power in responsible positions
-Those who want to evaluate their cooking skills correctly
・Those who have a sense of satisfaction in making customers happy with cooking
・Person who can maintain cooperation
□ Hall customer regular employee
・Experience in customer service at restaurants, dining bars, etc.
・Those who can communicate well
・Person who can work hard with a smile
・Person who can maintain cooperation
□ Hall length assistant
・Those who are good at serving customers
-Hole staff, who can teach and train part-time jobs


8 hours of actual work Overtime, consult on holiday work

10:30~22:00 の間で実働8時間 シフト制

⬜ Cooking profession

マネージャー         300,000円

主 任                  280,000円

チーフ                  250,000円

キッチンスタッフ    230,000円

+ 報奨金

⬜ Hall customer service

ホール長           270,000円

主 任                  260,000円

チーフ                  250,000円

ホールスタッフ     230,000円

+ 報奨金

⬜ Hall customer service



Working hours

Shift system from 9:00 to 25:00

​There is a break

(Working time according to the Labor Standards Act)


​Equipped with various social insurance

(Employment, occupational accident, health, welfare pension)

Uniform loan

Parking lot available

There apartment dormitory


Public holiday 8th of the month

Summer vacation/New Year holidays available

(105 days a year off)

Paid leave, condolence leave

Other recruitment

◻ General clerk who can work in the office and can account

◼ Office
Working hours from 9:00 to 17:00
Monthly salary 250,000 yen
Trial period 3 months 200,000 yen
Wage increase
Award once a year (for one month)
​Equipped with various types of social insurance (employment, work accident, health, welfare pension)
Parking lot available
There apartment dormitory
Holidays/holidays Saturdays/Sundays/holidays
New Year holidays, summer vacation, paid vacation, condolence vacation
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